A good story is magical, it goes to the heart and will stay there forever.

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My mission is to connect with the beauty of our humanness and our Soul, and to be able to share my insights and life experiences (the ups and, certainly, the downs) with those who need a fellow companion during this life journey.

We are all finding it increasingly difficult to “catch up with our own life”, leaving us to feel a little traumatised with so much going on, and so little time and inner peace to help us out.

But there is another way and I am positive that the answer lies closer than we think. It is only in the context of sharing with an open heart and a peaceful mind that we are able to find it together.


I aim to assist anyone who would like to walk what would otherwise be a serious path to personal transformation with a bit of spring in their step and light laughter in the air - all made easier and fun through my storytelling.

I do this by creating a mutual safe meeting place for us to find our way home to our authentic self where healing and inner peace exist. I would share my experiences (and the importance of) in addressing emotional needs through gratitude and mindfulness.

We would traverse this journey together to:

1) cultivate self-worth

Allow ourselves the permission to be compassionate and be loved

2) Embrace vulnerability

Getting in touch with our humanness to be able to relate with our feelings

3) Develop New perceptions

Giving an open mind the will to reframe our thoughts and mindset

4) create connectedness

Share ways to feel connected to others to understand that we are not alone


“To love and to be loved is the most wonderful thing…”

Bonnie Hoo  |  Story teller

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A Bit About Me…

I am a great storyteller, who can’t live without the thrill of telling a good story. I also love the books that tell them.

I often feel honoured reading them as, who am I that they would trust me with their secrets and insights, their fears and tears. I have read heaps of books, but to be honest, I don’t seem to be able to remember many of the facts and figures included. I like those “how-to” pointers, but I seldom retain any of it long enough to make them useful in my life. I usually dive straight into a “comparing-notes mode” and get so inspired that I want to get up from my seat and to start living my life the way each writer does.

I have been happily involved in the areas of wellness, personal transformation and exploration of spirituality since the early 1980s. I was engaged in counselling, running self-help groups, giving talks, facilitating workshops and, finally established my own healing centre in the mid 1990s that ran until my retirement.  But upon observing the “out of control” experiences many people these days are having, with all this “rushed energy” overwhelming their lives. I felt the need to climb out of my spiritual closet again and honour these four words “How May I Serve?”. The teaching and sharing that I offer will be based on topics such as “Healing: returning home to one’s Authentic Self”, or “Getting Well/Staying Well”, or simply “We deserve to feel better/happier than this”.  You get the drift!

While I am waiting for my “students” to turn up, I will not be sitting idle in any way.  I will be continuing to write my book entitled ”An Unopened Gift” and to share a monthly blog with you all.  The mantra for my blog is “Ways we can help ourselves to deal with stress” and I hope that each blog piece will explore the various elements for stress.  They will be short and straight to the point, but peppered with my own stories and, of course, my weird sense of humour.

Allow me to share my story and be a part of yours.